All about the Nursing Career Advancement Program

Admin September 28, 2022
All about the Nursing Career Advancement Program

In the course of their work, nurses execute many varied and important duties. As a nurse, you may opt to specialize in a specific area, which can assist in earning an advanced degree to gain knowledge or help with career advancement. Comprehending the prospective advancement opportunities for nurses will assist you in establishing long-term career goals.  

In this blog, we will talk about Nursing Career Advancement Program that will assist you in advancing your nursing career.  Career advancement is one of the major aspects that contributes a substantial transformation in an individual’s professional life by enhancing knowledge and skills or adapting newer trends and technologies in the healthcare sector. MWT Global Academy, in collaboration with the Institute of Health and Management (IHM) Australia, has come up with a goal-oriented career advancement program called NCAP (Nursing Career Advancement Program) to help nursing professionals in upgrading their nursing knowledge and skills. 

As healthcare is getting more complicated, there is a growing need for highly qualified nursing personnel. Increasing demand in the nursing industry notably in some specialised sectors such as critical care, oncology, paediatric, cardio and respiratory units etc. necessitates highly qualified nurses to operate successfully in the treatment process. NCAP aids the nurse in acquiring the skills and information necessary for more favourable chances and standardised nursing care. 

What is NCAP? 

NCAP is an internationally developed study programme for nurses in India to advance their careers by updating their knowledge, competence, and abilities. This course assists nurses in updating a range of abilities and skills pertinent to their particular job-role in the global health sector. 

This course is intended to acquaint newly graduated nurses with the larger setting in which the role of nursing is most effectively and optimally conducted. The program’s courses improve skill-based learning in a variety of nursing specialties while emphasising the complex role played by nurses in providing patient-centred nursing care.  

This program will help the student make the transition from a basic graduate nurse to a nurse with advanced skills and knowledge. It is also intended to allow the student to explore integrative concepts in nursing. Within the context of the course, the role of the nurse in addressing patient safety, quality improvement, and professional communication is discussed. 

What is the eligibility for NCAP? 

B.Sc. / GNM nurse  

Course Duration: 3 Months 

What are the study modules of this program? 

NCAP has five modules as mentioned below: 

  • Core Competencies  
  • BLS and ACLS  
  • Language 
  • Speciality Nursing  
  • Licensure Exam 

How is the course assessed? 

Assessment strategies are applied for gathering data and determining if a student attained proficiency. The assessments verify if a person is able to perform to the standards as anticipated in the workplace, as stated in the appropriate endorsed unit of competency.  

NCAP Program assists in transforming a basic graduate nurse into a highly skilled nurse. 

NCAP program outcomes and benefits 

NCAP helps nurses to broaden the applicability of nursing skills into newer job markets to access higher income, more opportunities and enhanced career advancement. 

NCAP is developed and offered in partnership with Health Careers International (HCI) Australia, worldwide healthcare, educational, and research organisation dedicated to providing high-quality health education in Australia and around the world, allowing nurses to study common educational resources. 

  • Successful candidates will receive a conditional offer letter 
  • The curriculum is benchmarked to international standards. 
  • Licensure exam-oriented training is integrated into the modules 
  • Professional preparation for interviews and help from experts 
  • Develop nursing science expertise, specialised nursing practice skills that are focused on current trends, technology, and training, as well as MWT Global Academy’s own library. 
  • Interactive sessions and blended learning 
  • Job placement assistance abroad 

Contact MWT Global Academy for further details or if you want assistance in enrolling for NCAP.