Read This Before You Decide to Become a Nurse

Admin October 6, 2022
Read This Before You Decide to Become a Nurse

Over the past two years, our lives as we knew them came to a grinding halt. The pandemic threw the world into a tailspin, and the importance of healthcare was brought into focus more than ever before.  

Nurses were in high demand all over the world, with their skills at the forefront of the fight against Covid. They proved themselves time and again, with their compassionate care, knowledge and skills that helped to save countless lives. 

Nursing has always been known as one of the most selfless professions; one which is future-proof, richly rewarded and highly fulfilling. As a nurse, your services will always be sought after wherever you go. You will have the ability to touch lives, and truly make a difference in the community around you.   

There’s a lot to this profession, and before walking down this career path you should know about all that it entails so that you can be sure it’s the perfect fit for you! 

Read on, to know all about this noble profession and decide whether you have what it takes to become a nurse! 

1. You’ll be a pillar of the community 

Nurses do so much more than just provide healthcare and assist a medical team. As a nurse, you will be the one who is closest to the patient and their family. You will wear many hats; as a mediator between the patient and the doctor, the go-to person in an emergency, a shoulder to cry on in times of stress, and a friend and medical advocate. 

2. Your services will be valued, respected and trusted 

Nurses are highly valued for their selfless service and the care they give to the community. You will be giving so much back to the society you are in, and will be trusted and respected wherever you go. 

3. You’ll have to face challenges 

A nurse’s day is nothing if not challenging. You’ll have to think on your feet, make instant decisions, and have to deal with emotionally distressing situations. Dear patients will get gravely ill, and may even die. You will need to be exceptionally resilient and mentally strong and will have to smile through even the worst of days. Even if you are very tired or stressed, you will need to put on a brave front and be a pillar of support to the patients and their families. 

4. You’ll work in a hyper-competitive environment 

Even though nurses are in short supply all over the world and nursing jobs are aplenty, there will be intense competition to get ahead. But if you are equipped with the right skills and knowledge, you can get an edge over your peers and get noticed. Look for short-term and long-term Certificate and Diploma courses that can validate your skills, and demonstrate to others that you have the capabilities they are seeking. 

5. You’ll need to be alert, every second of every day 

Nurses must always be alert and have sharp observation skills in order to provide the best possible patient care. In many situations, it is always the nurse who will be closest to the patients and can notice subtle signs of deterioration of their health. When you convey this message to the medical team, they will be able to offer the appropriate treatment and ensure the safety of the patient. 

6. You must be able to multitask! 

Nursing is not a 9-to-5 job. Depending on emergent situations, you might have to work overtime, on holidays and sometimes even through the night. In case of an emergency situation when it’s all hands on deck, you might be required to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Each patient under your care is as important as the next, and you can never use the excuse that you had too much to do!  

7. You should learn to get the right work-life balance 

Given the stressful nature of the work you’re doing, it’s all to easy stop taking care of yourself, which leads to burnout. It’s all the more important that you should be able to devote some time to self-care. Make time to pursue your hobbies, visit friends and family, and do anything that gives you joy outside of your work. Understand how to balance your work and life, so that you are able to excel in both your personal and professional spheres. 

8.  Understand that learning never stops! 

There are new advancements in the healthcare world on a daily basis. New techniques are adopted, and new technologies and tools make it easier to offer the best patient care. Medicines keep changing, and new diseases keep rearing their ugly heads. In such a scenario, you should ensure that you stay updated with new professional practices so that your skills stay relevant. The key to becoming a nurse who everyone looks up to and follows is to keep enhancing your knowledge through professional development courses. 

Does it look like Nursing is a profession that you will love and be passionate about pursuing? Do connect with an MWT Global Academy counsellor to explore top Nursing courses, find out where your interests lie and get started on achieving your Nursing career dreams!

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