How to Gain a High OET or IELTS Score

Admin February 2, 2023
How to Gain a High OET or IELTS Score

How can you ace the OET or IELTS with a high score? Various candidates may be taking the test for different reasons. Different institutions and immigration agencies recognise various test results. Therefore, it’s crucial to know your target score before taking the IELTS or OET.  If you want to enhance your OET and IELTS-building skills and want to improve your chances of obtaining the necessary score in your very first sitting, follow the simple instructions mentioned in this blog. 

Before we move ahead let us learn what is meant by OET or IELTS. 

What is OET? 

OET tests the listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills of candidates,by simulating tasks seen in healthcare environments. OET is available in three test types to give you choice, convenience and confidence—OET on paper at a test venue, OET on a computer at a test venue, OET at home. Students listening (40 mins), reading (60 mins), writing (45 mins), and speaking abilities (20 mins) are assessed. If you undertake the OET on a computer at a test venue, you will only take Listening, Reading and Writing at the test venue. You will take the Speaking test at home (or any other chosen location), using Zoom on a computer or tablet. Mobile phones may not be used.  

For the majority of healthcare professionals, including nurses, the OET is easier than other general English assessments. OET is preferred by healthcare professionals because it helps them develop language and clinical communication skills. A little over 16 business days after the test, the results are posted online.  

What is IELTS? 

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) determines the language proficiency of individuals who wish to work or study in countries where English is the mode of communication.  It employs a nine-band scale with band scores ranging from non-user (band score 1) to expert to clearly delineated levels of proficiency (band score 9). The test offers a reliable evaluation of each of the four language abilities: speaking, reading, writing, and listening.  

There are two types of IELTS which are Academic and General. General is accredited for daily use of language and is mostly applicable in cases of immigration while academic is usually taken by students planning for education abroad or professionals who are exploring work opportunities overseas. IELTS is delivered via two mediums: IELTS on computer and IELTS on paper. Test results are available within 3-5 days of the test date when you opt for IELTS on computer. Candidates opting for pen and paper IELTS get their results in 13 days. 

Begin preparing as soon as you can 

All understand that passing the OET or IELTS depends on your current level of English. For a good OET and IELTS prep test-ready candidates need to give themselves enough time to study properly. Consider it like your driving test if that helps. Do you recall how it felt to first learn to drive? Somewhere between fear and excitement? Before feeling certain that you could execute all necessary manoeuvres, start and stop the car safely, and drive in a range of weather situations, you wouldn’t have even thought of scheduling your driving test. OET and IELTS are similar. Even if you are familiar with the test’s format, you still need to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. The secret to passing your OET/IELTS test is to be proficient in English. 

Be honest with yourself about time 

Without a shadow of a doubt, the OET and IELTS are both defining tests. Being successful on even one of these tests will be a turning point. It will grant you success in migrating abroad and provide you with a new life and profession. Therefore, you must be quite honest about how much time you have to study for these exams. It is always preferable for you to enrol in a course that gives you access to native-level English. Organize a period of full-time, serious study if at all possible. Or set aside a few hours each week for regular study if you have a career and a busy family life. 

Recognize your weaknesses 

Mastering OET reading comprehension needs real hard work.  Knowing your talents is beneficial, but understanding your flaws is far more crucial. 

Ask your instructor to respond to the following query while you review your incorrect responses or errors: 

How can I keep from making the same error in the future? Your response on the next practise test will probably be enhanced by knowing the answer to this question. 

Additionally, ask yourself this: 

Why did I commit this error? Was it due to a hasty reading of the question, a lack of concentration, ignorance of grammar or vocabulary, etc? 

Recognizing the evaluation criteria 

You need to be aware of the examiners’ expectations as well as the reasons behind your blunders. Depend on the standards they use to grade you, especially in writing and speaking. You will be expertly guided through this process of comprehending these criteria by an experienced and professional educator. 

Enhance Your Skills 

Spend some time attempting to strengthen your shortcomings now that you are fully aware of your strengths. 

This does not entail taking a tonne of practise exams. You will only become highly accustomed to the test format as a result. On test day, you won’t encounter the same subjects and questions, so pay attention to your language abilities rather than the format. 

Focus on and study the tactics and strategies you’ll need to master to cope with each kind of question. With your newly acquired knowledge of what you need to improve, you will have a better understanding about how to apply the strategies they include. 

Apply only when you are ready 

Wait to submit your application until you are certain that you possess the language abilities required to pass the OET or IELTS. You can take the test and achieve the outcomes you desire without having to retake it with the proper preparation. Enrol with MWT Academy and sign up for courses that will significantly improve your language proficiency and increase your chances of passing the test. This, in the long run, will be profitable for your career.